Purchase Hardware or Software

Computer Hardware Standards

Orders for Departmental computers and devices are now placed via the Bookstore PunchOut at U Market.

Resources have been created to assist you with placing orders using the new process:

Questions can be emailed to umnbookstore@umn.edu.

These stock items are typically recommended for everyday office use. Windows devices should continue to be ordered for the various applications and resources University Services uses for operation.

Computer Software Standards

OIT Software Procurement

OIT Licensed Software

Other software requests:


Please use this form to initiate all other software requests. The request will be reviewed against current inventory, and then reviewed for policy considerations including IT security and contract or terms and conditions requirements.  This new process is currently in pilot phase but available to all University Services optionally.

For inquiry on prices for each license of software please feel free to contact 1-HELP via e-mail (help@umn.edu).